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    My passion for art has been a driving force in my life. Its that drive that prompted me to leave the Seneca Nation of Indians Reservation where I grew up to pursue a career in art. Along the way I earned a B.F.A. from the Ringling College of Art and Design, and an M.S. from the University of Central Florida.

    I have worked as a Creative/Art Director, and Lead Concept and UI/UX Director for several years. This work includes multiple AAA gaming and movie titles.

    I was also a Senior Manager/Creative Director for a Fortune 150 Company in charge of all of the creatives in their Global Marketing department. This includes: Animators, Graphic designers, Mobility, Motion Graphics artisit, VFX, UI/UX, and outsourced vendors.

    I was the Chief Creative Officer for a VR (Virtual Reality) AR (Augmented Reality), and software company. We service everyone from the smaller companies needing web design all the way up to multi national and global organizations.  

    I am personally able to do everything from Creative/ Art Direction, all the way through Conceptual design, Storyboarding, Illustration, and Animation. I am also well versed in UI/UX and all aspects of the art pipeline.

    My most recent role was the Director of User Experience for a medical billing company where I filled many rolls from creative director to lead UI/UX designer. Unfortunately Covid 19 has had lasting effects in many industries and I find myself branching out again and open to new opportunities.

    I look forward to assisting you in whatever your design needs may be, and  working with you and your team to ensure the best overall outcome for your project.


Thank you for stopping by!

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