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Animation, Art/Creative Direction

This is a collection of work that I was the creative director on. I also was the primary storyboard artist on most projects. I did work on particle systems, and did a few of the animations as the primary animator.


Special thanks to my team, who are an exceptional group of animators. I would also like to thank my friends at Visions Production Group and Tulnet.


All content within the Baker Hughes animations (except the intro) is the sole property of Baker Hughes, all rights reserved.

The Bit Genie video. Is a great example of a mobile application  I designed from the ground up and did all of the UI/UX design. It fit a much needed industry hole in selling drill bits and selecting the correct bit for any specific job.

Casamba Product Animation
Demo Reel
Bit Genie
Utex 360 video
VFX test
Animation for OTC 2016
Speed Painting for Seventh Sea
Speed Paintings for Graphic Novel
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